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About Us


About Us
Pinnacle Staffing Solutions is a small privately held company based in Clearwater, FL. Our focus is treating people the way we would like to be treated and really listening. Building relationships and inspiring trust is ... The Pinnacle Way!

Owner, Tami Canterbury has 10+ years staffing experience and is considered an expert in staffing Radiation Oncology & Radiology. Pinnacle Staffing Solutions specializes in Radiation Oncology & Radiology, specifically Medical Physics, Dosimetry, Radiation Therapists and Cancer Center Mgmt. Tami has developed a Team of Account Managers and Recruiters (see Team page)  who have adopted the customer service platform "The Pinnacle Way" to amaze our clients and customers. Be careful, your Account Manager may become your new bff!


Owner, Doug Burns has 30+ years experience in business as a CPA and Attorney. Mr Burns understands business operations, budgets AND the importance of keeping a low overhead to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace which enables us to pass on the savings to our customers.

Due to the nature of a job opening, Human Resources approach has to be REACTIVE.
They Place an Ad - wait on resumes to arrive.
Am I only receiving people out of work? Are they quality? Why are they available? Are they All new Grads?  
OR are your Physicists trying to develop Referrals - if they are recruiting, then they are not producing!
Most HR's may have 100's of openings to manage, and this is a very specialized field with unusual technology and jargon!
Wouldn't you rather have someone who understands this specialty and the technology  - who can build your staff for you Because that is  WHAT WE DO!

We have a database of 30,000 people specific to this industry! We keep in constant contact through Job Alerts & Social Media.
We are already calling every Physicist, Dosimetrist, Radiation Therapist, and Hiring Managers building relationships and finding our what their dream job is, where it is located, and what it would take $ for them to make that change! We have a Full time Database Manager who does nothing but keep our information up to date! Armed with this information, we are able to QIM:  Quickly Identify and Match potential Candidates to your position!

Gain the Competitive Edge in Hiring!

That's right - you will have the first pick of the top talent in the industry!
People who are not searching job boards, but have asked us to call - only for the right position - YOURS!
Gain the Competitive Edge in Retention.

Retain your Most Valuable Asset - your skilled Physicists, Dosimetrists & Radiation Therapists!
#1 Reason they Leave - Over worked due to under staffing or unfilled positions open for extended periods of time.
Let us help you find and keep your most valuable assets - Give us a Call Today! 866-468-5729
Don't wait until the need is Urgent - let's talk about how we can be of assistance to you and your organization. We look forward to working with you!

                                                                 The Team at Pinnacle Staffing Solutions


Specializing in Medical Physics, Dosimetry, Radiation Therapy & Cancer Center Management


Our Temps Do the job and Do it well!

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Why Outsource Staffing to Pinnacle? Because We Have the Expertise to Deliver Results.

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Considering make a change? 4 Reasons to work with Pinnacle Staffing Solutions.

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Can't Move Permanently? Travel for us! Retired? Don't sit on the couch - Travel for us! In Between Jobs? Travel for us!

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Are you looking for Rewarding Work (helping others find Jobs)? Are you friendly and like to talk on the phone? Do you need to make alot of money? Then we may have the perfect career for YOU!

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Meet our Team

Dedicated professionals working for you!

The Team

Tami Canterbury

VP Operations

Dora O'Rorke

Southeast & MidAtlantic Account Manager

Tim Abbey

Midwest Account Manager

Kelley Wall

West Coast Account Manager

Erin Folken

North East Recruiter

Tammy Haughn

West Coast Recruiter

David Webster

South East Recruiter

Darren Smith

Midwest Recruiter

Ann Canterbury

Database Manager

Evan Coderre

Assistant Database Manager

Angelique M. Grainer

Staff Accountant II

Kathy Gassen

Marketing Manager

Molly Kennedy-Edwards

Office Manager

August Careers in Physics

MidAtlantic ABR/JR

Small regional health system in the MidAtlantic is looking for a Therapy Physicist

Learn More

Northern Midatlantic, ABR/JR

One of the largest health care systems in the country is looking for a Therapy Physicist to join their team! This group has 3 physicists and is adding a 4th due to growth

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South, ABR/JR

Premier Health care system in the mid south is looking for a Staff Therapy Physicist. Looking for someone with 3-5 years of experience or right out of residency.

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Northern Midwest, ABR/JR

Chief Physicist is looking for a strong part 2 or ABR Therapy Physicist to join their team.Staffing includes 3 Physicists, 4 Dosimetrists seeing 70-80 ppd

Learn More


A large multi site non profit health care system in the Midwest is looking for a Therapy Physicist to join their team. You will join a team of 1 other Physicist and a centralized Dosimetry team.

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Hospital based cancer center is looking for a solo ABR physicist to join their team. Current physicist is leaving due to medical reasons and will not be returning.

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Accredited healthcare facility in a Southern Capital city needs an ABR physicist to join their team. Current Staffing includes 1 Physicist, 2 Dosimetrists, 6 Radiation Therapists, seeing 45ppd

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Flagship hospital of a large hospital system in the south is looking for a Staff Physicist! Staff consists of 3 Physicists, 3 Dosimetrists and 10-11 Radiation Therapists, seeing 80-90 ppd.

Learn More


Free standing cancer center group in a southeastern coast city is looking for a Therapy Physicist to join their team. Must be eligible for part 1 of the ABR, or a strong part 2 or full ABR.

Learn More


Community based radiation oncology practice in the south, part of a larger system needs an ABR Therapy Physicist for their center.

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A free standing Cancer center in the northeast, part of a larger system is in need of a Therapy physicist. Looking for someone with interest in assisting with implementation of new modalities

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Careers in Dosimetry

West Coast

Hospital system on the west coast is looking for a CMD Dosimetrist to join their team!

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Flagship hospital of a large hospital system in the south is looking for a Dosimetrist! Staff consists of 3 Physicists, 3 Dosimetrists and 10-11 Radiation Therapists, seeing 80-90 ppd

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State of the Art Cancer center in the Southeast is looking for an experienced Dosimetrist to join their team! Center has over 10+ physicists, and dosimetrists with a patient load of 120-150ppd.

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West Coast

State of the Art hospital system on the west coast is looking for a CMD Dosimetrist to join their team!The department is made up of 2 Physicists and 2 Dosimetrist with 3 Radiation Therapists, seeing 50-60 ppd

Learn More


East Coast Cancer Institute connected to a University is looking for a Dosimetrist to join their team! Current staffing includes: 1 Chief Physicist, 6 Physicists, 4 Dosimetrists, 11 Radiation Therapists Currently seeing 55 -60 patients per day, due to specialized treatment.

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NORTHEAST - Dosimetrist

Small healthcare system in the northeast is looking for a Dosimetrist to join their team! The position is open due to retirement.

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NORTHEAST - Dosimetrist

Collaboration between 3 large Health Systems brings state of the art Proton Therapy treatment to the patients of the northeast. Other treatment planning is with Eclipse and salary will be based on % of proton experience you have.

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Careers in Radiation Therapy

West Coast

One of our best Clients in northern California is looking for a Radiation Therapist to join their team.

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Careers in Diagnostic Physicists

MidAtlantic Diagnostic Physicist

Dynamic consulting group is looking to add another Diagnostic Physicist to their group.

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Midwest Diagnostic Physicists

Large Hospital group in Midwest is in need of a Diagnostic ABR Physicist for their centers.

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