How We Work

How we Work:

The first step is to become a Fully Packaged Candidate.

What does that mean?

For Full Time/Direct Hire Positions:


Skills Checklist (Self-Assessment)

2 References from Direct Reports

Copy of Certifications, Licenses

For Temp/Locum Positions:

All of the Above, Plus

Completion of the Authorization to Release

Medical Info (TB, Varicella, Hep B, MMR)


Our Process:

The person who you send your resume to is your Candidate Advocate.  

It is their responsibility to get your Resume, Skills Checklist and Reference List

to create your “Package”.

The next step is to set up a Candidate Profile also known as a Career Evaluation.

Everybody’s situation is unique due to the many factors that go into making a change;

Career Advancement, Location, Technology, Patient Load, Staffing, Salary, Benefits, etc.,

to name a few.  This helps us get to know you and usually takes about 15 -30 minutes.

Each day, the entire staff meets to review and discuss New Fully Packaged Candidates,

and New Job Opportunities.

If your Advocate says YOU ARE A MATCH for a Job Opportunity, the Account Manager,

who is working with the Hiring Manager at the Facility, will call you to discuss the details

of the position and answer any questions you might have.

If your scenario is NOT YET AVAILABLE, we will either

1) Confidentially Market you based on the criteria you have provided, OR

2) Keep your Information ready until the right opportunity arises,

whichever you prefer and depending on the urgency of your situation.

We hope this information was helpful and look forward to assisting you

in finding the Right Next Step for your Career!