Pinnacle Staffing is dedicated to all those individuals out there, 

that don't want to conform any longer to arbitrary rules , who

wish to have a truly collaborative environment 

where we can all learn from each other, 

appreciate our differences and achieve financial success.

We are looking for the wise, the powerful, the hunters, the creative, the gentle,  

the awkward and even the improbable to JOIN OUR TEAM!

We want an environment that is crowded and noisy, full of discussion 

and debate to promote change and progress in the workplace.

We are looking for those who want to work hard to prove their talent 

and have the ability to earn a six figure income, (if that is what YOU want).

You should know that We are
Open to New Ideas, Wiling to Listen,
Eager to Learn, Desire to Grow,
and are Flexible to Change,
and so should YOU be.

Our Motto is "E Pluribus Maximus" Greatness from Many.
Shared Knowledge makes you Wise.  Wisdom makes you successful.

APPLY TODAY!  Send your resume to: