Tami Canterbury

Tami Canterbury
VP Operations

Tami has 10+ years experience in the field of Radiation Oncology & Radiology Staffing, BS from Florida State University and is NAPS Certified in both Personnel & Temp Staffing.

Tami has helped centers and organizations of all sizes fill these key positions with efficiency and excellence.  

Based on this experience, Tami has developed "The Pinnacle Way" which is an expertise, methodology and mindset that differentiates Pinnacle Staffing Solutions,  from all other agencies.

Placements include:

Locum Radiation Therapist, Cancer Centers of Santa Barbara, CA (multiple)

Locum Therapy Physicist, Cancer Centers of Santa Barbara, CA

Therapy Physicist, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, FL

Locum Therapy Physicist, Charlotte Kimmelman, VI

Locum Dosimetrist, Firelands Regional, OH

Locum Dosimetrist, US /Vantage / Alliance Oncology, OH

Locum Diagnostic Physicist, Physics Associates, VA

Therapy Physicist, Jaeger Corporation, NE (multiple)

Dosimetrist, EPIC Care, CA (multiple)

Diagnostic Physicist, Landauer Corporation, TX, FL (multiple)

Therapy Physicist, EPIC Care, CA

Chief Physicist, Genesis, IA